REF AR55/170116

1 x used Open width washing machine, brand: Santex, type Actiwash, y.o.c. 1997, working width: 1800 mm
Open width washing machine for washing after dyeing for woven and knitted fabrics. The machine is equipped with: E & L unwinding unit, threading elements, spreads hollow or compensating roller, spray bar, center centering E & L, Tandematic, intake trough, 1 wash compartment super Actiwash - 1,5 t. Crimping, 4 wash compartments Actiwash-out - 1.5 t. Crimping, immersion unit contents of 350 m, 2 wash compartments Acti wash-out 1.5 t. Crimping, 1 neutralization compartment - 1.5 t. Crimping, 1 wash compartment Actiwash-out - 10 t. Crimping, fold folder and center rewinding stand, 6 steering metering pumps