REF AR 25/290116

One used Sizing machine Sucker Muller Hacoba  Year 1999

 ww. 1800 mm. creel-beams type ANP 8  total 24 beams


first sizing --marl  type SD-C40 with n. 2 pairs squeezing rollers and 1 cylinder set


second  sizing-- marl type 2SD- C 40 


pre-dryer group 4 teflon drying cylinders +1 extractor fan


final dryer group 8 cylinders (teflon 4 – 1 extractor fan)


dryer  type ZS-12   waxing device


humidity control  Mahlo type RMRS-7


beaming machine type WE 10 max w.w. 3400 mm.


sizeing cooking system Remallumin from 700 liters finals storage  tank with power pump.